City Of Greeley

About Us

Greeley is located in a semi-arid climate, which receives only 12 to 14 inches of precipitation annually. To provide reliable drought protection, the City's drinking water comes from four major river basins: the Cache la Poudre River, the Big Thompson River, the Colorado River and the Laramie River.

The City of Greeley Water and Sewer Department serves a population of about 124,115. Using water supplied from Rocky Mountain snow, the department treats and distributes  nearly 9 billion gallons of water per year. The department has more than 500 miles of pipeline, two drinking water plants, a wastewater treatment plant, three treated water reservoirs, six raw water reservoirs, and a variety of pumping stations. As part of the ongoing commitment to maintain such an expansive water system, the Water and Sewer Department spends hundreds of thousands of dollars each year maintaining and repairing the existing system. As Greeley grows, it is critical that additional system capacity be added in a timely manner.

Wastes are transported from homes and businesses by gravity sewers to a state-of-the-art Water Pollution Control Facility . The WPCF treats wastewater to near drinking water quality. The WPCF has won awards for operational excellence.

The Greeley Water and Sewer Department believes that conservation is a key component in water management. For over a decade, Greeley has had an active water conservation program. In addition mandatory lawn watering restrictions have been in effect since 1907. In addition, Greeley uses innovative operational practices to conserve Colorado's precious water supply.

The Greeley Water and Sewer Department is constantly looking ahead to provide Greeley with a secure water future. Issues such as aging infrastructure, competition for increasingly limited water supplies, and the need for more water storage facilities are common challenges for water utilities. The Greeley Water and Sewer Department has a plan to meet these challenges. The Four Point Plan includes increasing water conservation efforts, strengthening and maintaining Greeley 's water system infrastructure, continuing water supply acquisition, and expanding water storage.