City Of Greeley

City of Greeley: Caring for Our Watersheds Support

Caring For Our Watersheds™ is an educational program that weaves together the combined strengths of industry, environmental organizations and communities to engage students in preserving and improving their local watersheds. It acknowledges that to grow crops and healthy communities, we need healthy watersheds.

The City of Greeley supports the Colorado Contest, open to students who live in the Colorado borders within the Cache la Poudre River Watershed and Big Thompson Watershed. We are providing information and resources to help students with their projects.

Information about Greeley's water is available on our website.

Staff Resources
City of Greeley staff is available to provide information to develop projects and consult with students on their projects. Please feel free to contact the people listed below.

Topics: Water Conservation, Xeriscape, Education
Ruth Quade, 350-9874

Topics: Stormwater, Non-Point Source Pollution
Terri Kohls, 336-4072

Topics: Advertising, Outreach, Education, Social Media
Natalie Stevens, 350-9204

Topics: Watershed, Water Supply, Water Rights
Leif Lesoing, 350-9806

Topics: Water Treatment, Testing, Regulations
Ed Young, 667-7031

Topics: Water Quality Data, Nutrients, Trace Metals, and Emerging Contaminants
Joe Kunovic, 350-9363
Eddie Trevino, 350-9724

Topics: Lawn Irrigation Systems, Outdoor Water Use
Kevin Hartley, 336-4228


Project/Topic Resources
Below are basic topic areas that can be addressed to improve local watersheds.