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Citizen Budget Advisory Committee

Each year, the City of Greeley creates a budget to meet the needs of the community. The Citizen Budget Advisory Committee provides resident involvement in the city budgeting process and assures that funds are spent in the community's best interest.

In 2021, the committee wrestled through many tough budget conversations and provided insight into various budget questions involving a wide range of topics including policy shifts and their financial impacts, such as a tax on short-term rentals and metro district taxation. The committee reviewed and presented their recommendation of the 2022 City Budget to the City Council that was approved on October 19. Additionally, the committee reviewed and provided guidance regarding the Keep Greeley Moving Tax that voters recently renewed. The committee is also planning to conduct an overview of the 2021 end-of-year financials and begin the 2023 budget process.

City of Greeley Financial Analyst II, Benjamin Alexander, provided some insight into why residents want to join the Citizen Budget Advisory Committee. Members have an opportunity to "interact with managers, directors, and other executive staff at the City to ask hard questions, provide wisdom, and better support City initiatives." Another benefit of joining the committee is becoming more familiar with city operations and commenting on revenue requirements, expenditures, staffing levels, service delivery, and how well the budget meets the community's needs.

Get Involved with Boards and Commissions

Apply online to be an active member of the Citizen Budget Advisory Committee or other boards. Greeley's Boards and Commissions program offers 23 different interest groups for residents to engage in and make recommendations for the city. Joining is a great way to influence public policy and programming decisions that can affect the entire city. Check the Boards and Commissions webpage often to see current vacancies apply online and view agendas for upcoming meetings.


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