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Greeley Water Invite Residents to Virtual Town Hall to Talk Water Meters


The City of Greeley Water and Sewer Department invites residents to attend a virtual town hall to discuss the installation of smart meters throughout several neighborhoods in town, how meters will work with the Water Smart online platform, and review how residents’ water budgets work.

The meeting will run from 7-8 p.m. Nov. 18. Follow this link to attend: Pass Code: 767130.


In the last five months, crews replaced more than 4,300 water meters in Greeley, but there remain questions about the project that city officials would like to answer before the second phase starts at the beginning of 2022. Please visit for a list of frequently asked questions.

The project is possible due to a $1.5-million grant from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. The first phase changed out 6,250 meter. Next year, crews will change out another 6,250 meters. Over the next five years, city officials plan to have replaced all 29,500 residential meters in the city.

When You Get Your New Meter

With the new meters, officials ask customers to sign up for the WaterSmart application, which empowers them to monitor and manage their water use to fit their monthly budgets. With this platform, ratepayers will be able to monitor their water use hourly, detect leaks, and receive personalized tips on how to save water. The platform already caught several leaks for customers that, if left alone, would have cost hundreds of dollars each month. To get started, customers will need their Greeley Water account number and email address to create an account in the secure WaterSmart portal. Residents should feel free to set up their accounts prior to their installation and the meeting to familiarize themselves with the program.

Greeley officials are committed to serving customers and resolving any concerns about their new meters or billing issues. This meeting is designed to answer questions and ensure residents’ understanding of the project, as well as the meters’ benefits to customers.

Visit the project’s web page at to learn more. A recording of the meeting will be placed on this page for future reference. 

Release Date:
Nov 12, 2021

For more information, media representatives should contact:
Sean Chambers, director, Water and Sewer Department

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