Online Reporting

Need to report a street defect? A crime or crime tip? The forms below allow you to easily submit information to our various departments.

Not sure who to contact? Call our information line at 970-350-9777 or see our contact page.

Code Compliance


Stormwater reporting

Water Conservation

Street and Traffic problems

Street defects

Street defects, including potholes, as well as graffiti are repaired by our Streets division. Use the online form, or call 970-350-9336 to report a problem.


Streetlights are owned by Xcel Energy. To report an outage, please contact Xcel Energy at 1-800-895-4999 or use their online Streetlight Outage form. Streetlight identification numbers can be found on the pole; providing them may help expedite your request.

Or, contact our Transportation division at 970-350-9355 and we will report the problem to Xcel Energy.

Traffic signals, signs, and pavement markings

Traffic signal malfunctioning? Need to have traffic signal timing or placement evaluated? Contact our Transportation division at 970-350-9355 or use the online form.