Watering Restrictions

We’re currently in an adequate water year, and residents should follow the regular, three-days per week watering schedule. The Water and Sewer Board considers many factors when making this decision, including the Colorado Big-Thompson quota, reservoir storage, snowpack, and an extended weather forecast.

The Water Department grants variances and permits for residents and businesses who have a reason to water outside of the established restrictions. The most common variance? Planting new turf grass in residential or commercial lawns. Variances for large properties (more than four acres) and other special circumstances are also provided after an application process.

Watering Schedule
Due to the unusually dry and warm weather, the city of Greeley will allow some early spring watering. Normally watering doesn’t begin until April 15 but this year, watering will be allowed to start on March 20. For water customers on the Water Budget an irrigation water requirement will be included into the calculation for the outdoor watering budget. This will provide enough to water to the lawn, water in pre-emergent and aerate without going over your water budget.

Watering restrictions will be relaxed for the 2017 growing season for any single family residential customer who is on the water budget. You may now water any day of the week to allow you the flexibility to watch the weather. Watering restrictions were originally put in place to manage the demand of the city during peak water use.  

Customers not on the water budget, including multi-family residential properties, commercial, industrial, institutional, and HOA common areas, should follow the established 3-day-per-week watering schedule.   

All customers must still follow the time of day restriction, no watering between noon and 5 p.m.
Greeley's 2017 Watering Schedule
Single family residences & duplexes with even numbered addresses ending in:

0, 2, 4, 6, 8
Single family residences & duplexes with odd numbered addresses ending in: 

1, 3, 5, 7, 9
All others: home owner association common areas, multi-family residences, apartments, businesses, government, non-profit, churches, commercial, industries, and institutions.
January 1 - 
March 19
No Lawn WateringNo Lawn WateringNo Lawn Watering
March 20 - 
December 31

Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday

Monday, Wednesday, Saturday Sunday, Tuesday, Friday 

Water waste of any kind is subject to fines

New-lawn watering variances are available with proper soil amendment (four cubic yards of compost per 1,000 square feet of lawn). If a new lawn is installed you must apply for a permit/variance if you want to water more than three days per week or over the water budget to get it established.

Waste of water is prohibited at any time.

Sprinkler irrigation shall not occur between 12 p.m. and 5 p.m., even when water supplies are adequate.

Drip irrigation, low-volume spray or bubbling sprinklers, hose-end sprinklers, and weeping-type soaker hoses are allowed to water trees, shrubs, or flower beds at any time. Hand-watering of vegetables and flower gardens, trees and shrubs, and individual brown spots in a lawn is allowed at any time, so long as water waste does not occur.

Hand-watering means holding, in your hand, a hose with attached positive shutoff nozzle. It does not include operating a hose with a sprinkler or manually operating an irrigation controller.

Hand-watering to clean property, such as roof gutters, eaves, windows, or in preparation for painting, is allowed as long as water waste does not occur.

How much should I water?

Watering Suggestions
MonthWatering Days/WeekPop-Up
Rotor Heads
Manual Sprinklers
Inches of water/week
JanWater trees/shrubs when needed.00000
FebWater trees/shrubs when needed.00000
MarWater trees/shrubs when needed.00000
Apr1 Day Per Week - After 4/1552131210.5"
May2 Days Per Week52029191"
Jun2 Days Per Week63246311.25"
Jul3 Days Per Week72638251.5"
Aug2 Days Per Week72333221.25"
Sep2 Day Per Week52130201"
Oct1 Day Per Week--Until 10/15 52131210.5"
NovWater trees/shrubs when needed.00000
DecWater trees/shrubs when needed.00000

If you don’t know how many inches of water your sprinkler system disseminates per hour, please sign up for a sprinkler system audit. Most spray heads disseminate approximately two inches of water per hour; most rotor sprinklers approximately 1/3 of an inch per hour — though these are generalizations.

Here’s an example of how to translate inches of water into minutes:

It’s May, and you have spray heads in the front yard. The lawn needs an inch of water per week. You could water each zone for 30 minutes on one day; a better option, however, is to water 15 minutes two days per week. The best option? Use the cycle and soak method: Water each zone seven minutes and wait 30 minutes to let it soak in. While waiting, water other areas of the lawn — then water the first area again for seven to eight minutes. You’ll need to follow this procedure two days per week.

Reporting Water Violations

To report violations, call 970-336-4134 or email Conserve@greeleygov.com. It helps to leave an exact address and the date and time of the violation. Your name will be kept confidential.

Water Restriction Fines

On the first offense, we issue a warning reminding you to follow Greeley's watering restrictions. You will either find a notice on your door or receive a letter in the mail. If you are found in non-compliance after the warning, you’ll receive a first violation ticket and will have to appear in court.

  • a flow restrictor will allow water use only indoors
  • subsequent violations will be fined at the 4th violation level.
  • fines are based on the amount of times one is caught within one calendar year 

Although the City will try to give warnings administratively, we are no longer required to do so before serving a ticket. 

View the current watering restrictions to ensure you’re in compliance.

Residential Fines
1st Violation$100
2nd Violation$250
3rd Violation$500
4th Violation$500 + Flow Restrictor
Commercial Fines
1st Violation$200
2nd Violation$500
3rd Violation$1000
4th Violation$1000 + Flow Restrictor
A sprinkler watering a lawn.

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