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Comprehensive planning

Greeley 2060 Plan

The 2060 Comprehensive Plan was formulated in several phases: an initial community assessment; definition of a vision statement and evaluation of growth alternatives; identification of key community development components; goal development and plan implementation. Citizen involvement drove each of these phases of plan development and will be integral to its execution.

Neighborhood studies

As the city grows, the neighborhood unit becomes increasingly important as a source of housing, shopping, employment, entertainment, education and social networks. For neighborhoods to remain viable, there also needs to be a strong sense of personal safety as well as a commitment to improve and maintain property in the area.

The City Council approved two neighborhood studies in 2004 and two in 2006. The projects include public infrastructure improvements such as new street lights, fire hydrants, sidewalks, access ramps, a revolving loan fund for private residential improvements, as well as organizational assistance through neighborhood building block programs like neighborhood and business watch, block parties and neighbor labor.

Find documents and more information on our neighborhood studies page.

Growth and development projections

There are 47.41 square miles within the Greeley city limits.

The Annual Growth and Development Projections Report aids City Council, the City Manager. and the City departments in the development of the Greeley Capital Improvements Plan (CIP). This document identifies newly annexed areas, emerging and developing subdivisions, and historic and projected rates of growth.

Adequate Public Facilities Area (APFA)

Landscape Policy Plan for Water Efficiency 

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