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Providing citizens information on how the City of Greeley is making daily strides to protect community health and safety through the management of the oil and gas industry.

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Permitting Process

Development of oil and gas has taken place within Greeley city limits since the 1970s and represents a unique type of land use. As a property right, mineral owners are allowed to access and extract the resource; these rights, however, are balanced against the rights of surface property owners. Surface owners and mineral rights owners may be the same but often are not, particularly within newer areas of the city.

Additional information, including external resources, regulations, and public health considerations is available on our resource page.

Have questions about the operation of oil and gas facilities in Greeley? Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us at 970-350-9780.

How does the City of Greeley use permitting to manage industry?

How does the State of Colorado use permitting to manage industry?

Oil and gas producers are also required to receive a variety of permits from the State. When permits are submitted to the State, a notice is forwarded to the City of Greeley, to a designated contact known as the Local Government Designee. The City has the opportunity to comment on these notices.

Oil and Gas complaints

The COGCC has created a dedicated webpage that contains the following:

  • A newly developed and easy-to-use tool to file a complaint online.
  • Guidance for how to file a complaint.  To be considered a formal complaint, all complaints are required to be in a written format.
  • Questions and answers related to the complaint process, including what to expect and the rights of the complainant.
  • Guidance and tools to search for complaints already filed.


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