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Community Development Department
1100 10th Street
Greeley, CO 80631

Hours of Operation 8:00AM - 5:00PM


Greeley eTRAKiT

Welcome to the City of Greeley’s Community Development Web Portal called eTRAKiT. Through eTRAKiT, the public (non-registered users) can look up permits, projects, and code cases within the City of Greeley, CO.

Public registered users, who create an account, will have the ability to pay fees, apply for a limited selection of permits and projects, schedule inspections, and view associated records in detail.

Registered users, contractors and engineers will be able to apply for land use projects and permits, view review comments, schedule and cancel inspections, view inspection detail, and pay fees online.

Additionally, our eTRAKiT Web Portal enables customer access to permit, project, and code compliance information 24/7.


Greeley eTRAKiT can be used for

  1. Scheduling inspections
  2. Reviewing inspection results
  3. Reviewing staff comments
  4. Researching permit records
  5. Applying and paying for select permits and projects*
  6. Paying fees

*Not all permit applications are available for online application.


Greeley eTRAKiT can be used by the public and by contractors and engineers.


To help get you started, we have created an instructional guide. Check the pdf below for help, or contact us at etrakit@greeleygov.com.