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Northern Colorado Regional Dancing with the Stars

Congratulations to Greeley City Manager, Roy Otto, for winning the 2019 Northern Colorado Regional Dancing with the Stars on June 29. Get more information and watch videos from the show.

City Summer Roadwork Begins

Greeley’s roadwork season goes into full swing with the start if the 2019 overlay program. Work has already begun on 29th Street west of 65th Avenue. Most of the 2019 program will focus on the Sunrise Neighborhood in east Greeley. Find out details about active roadwork throughout Greeley with the online Cone Zone Road Map

Downtown Parking Changes

Parking improvements including new technology and programs started in April. These include pay-to-stay options with an app and a new ticketing policy. Find out more at

Comcast/Xfinity Customer Service Reporting

If you have contacted Comcast/Xfinity Customer Service and they have not been responsive, the City of Greeley may be able to assist if the service address is within Greeley's city limits.  An online form and phone number are now available as part on an escalated complaint tracking and reporting system.
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News Updates

Toilet Rebates are Back in Greeley

July 19, 2019

Due to popular demand, Greeley’s Water Conservation toilet rebates are back. Toilets that use 0.8 gallons per flush or less are eligible for rebates. 

Unmentionable: The Indiscreet Stories of Artifacts Explores Scandalous Artifacts from Greeley History Museum Collection

July 16, 2019

The Greeley History Museum is proud to present “Unmentionable: The Indiscreet Stories of Artifacts” from August 24, 2019 to July 14, 2020.

You Are What Makes Things Happen in Greeley

July, 2019
Greeley is an active, diverse, and growing community. As a City government, we are tasked with providing essential services for our residents and improving the quality of life for everyone here. But to get that done, we need input and participation from residents. 

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