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City Council Sends Five Questions to Voters

Local elections can be exciting! No really, I mean that. This is an opportunity to see our system of local government in action and participate in that system; in other words, have a voice in your community. This year, our City Council placed five items on the November ballot. Here’s a quick rundown of the ballot measures which include sales tax and City Charter questions.

Measures 2A and 2B are the tax questions based on recommendations from a Citizen Committee:

2A. Street Improvement Sales Tax: A request to increase all sales and use taxes, excluding any additional tax on groceries, by 0.65% (65 cents on a $100 purchase) dedicated to additional street maintenance and capacity improvements. This tax “sunsets” unless it is reauthorized by voters every seven years.

2B. Reauthorization of Sales Tax on Food: In 1990 citizens voted to tax groceries, and the monies collected are used for capital maintenance of facilities, parks and streets. This tax “sunsets” unless it is reauthorized by voters every five years.

Every few years the City’s “local constitution” known as a home rule charter is reviewed and updates are suggested to help Greeley align with State and Federal laws and remove out-of-date provisions. These must be approved by Greeley voters in order to become part of the charter:

2C. Charter Clean Up: Some sections of the Charter are obsolete and changes are proposed to remove the unnecessary obsolete language.

2D. Readopting the Council Term Limits: This is proposed to harmonize Greeley’s Charter with the term limits provisions of the State Constitution.

2E. Removal of City Manager Retention Vote: Although appointed and removed by the City Council, the City Manager stands for a retention vote every six years. This retention vote requirement is inconsistent with the basic principles of a Council/Manager form of government.

Please refer to the News section at or go directly to for additional information and pro and con statements for each ballot measure.


Roy H. Otto, City Manager

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