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Bright Futures Exemplifies City’s Mission & Values

Last year we launched an effort to get all Greeley City government employees aligned with our organization’s mission and values.  After hearing from employee groups, department directors, and outside resources, we developed and introduced our updated mission and core values statements.

Our Mission:  A City Achieving Community Excellence

Core Values:  WE ASPIre – Applied Wisdom, Excellence, Accountability, Stewardship, Principled Relationships and Integrity

On October 30 of this year, we had the opportunity to see our mission and several of our core values displayed at the Union Colony Civic Center.  That was the day employees and residents attended the Unexpected Opportunities leadership training session and the overview of Weld County’s Bright Futures Grant Program.

Our success in coming alongside Weld County government to promote their Bright Futures program with our Achieving Community Excellence initiative and our City government resources absolutely demonstrates our desire for community excellence.

That event also highlighted our core values in action.  Take for example Principled Relationships—without our focus on aligned principled relationships we never could have come alongside the County to support Bright Futures.  And without our Excellence and Integrity at work, we never could have provided support for the Commissioners in their quest to spread the word about this grant program that is so vital to creating our next generation workforce and advancing higher education opportunities for students and veterans.

This experience has shown me that our mission and values aren’t just words. By putting them into practice I believe we really are making a positive difference for all our residents.

I’m very proud of our City staff—their work on this project is exactly what I had in mind.

Roy H. Otto
City Manager

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