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Over the past few years Greeley City government has taken incremental steps to improve employee performance and satisfaction.  In a recent Employee Culture Survey, 641 employees responded to questions about their work environment, how they’re coached, supervised and recognized, the tools they’re given, coworker and team relationships, and a number of other factors. 

This second annual survey was designed to gauge employee satisfaction and other factors, because after all, it’s well-known that employees who are happy, satisfied and suited to their jobs are more productive, satisfied, stable and engaged.

I’m happy to report that overall 69% of employees are highly satisfied and engaged!  That’s a great number for a large organization and it reflects an increase well above the 63% recorded in 2014.  In fact, across the board we saw ratings of every work-life measurement go up, including communication, recognition, relationships, pride and more.

That data is interesting, but the best part is the post-survey feedback sessions.  These sessions gave employees the opportunity to say how they will improve their work-life satisfaction, productivity, teamwork, etc.  It’s fantastic to see the ideas they’ve come up with. Now we’ll do our best to empower our workers so they can make even more improvements with employee generated goals and solutions. 

City employees are once again showing their commitment to our core values:  Applied Wisdom, Excellence, Accountability, Stewardship, Principled Relationships and Integrity to support our mission—A City Achieving Excellence. 

Roy H. Otto, City Manager


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