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Training Opportunities – Leadership to LaserFiche

Every year City of Greeley staff focus on our organization’s mission—Greeley:  A City Achieving Community Excellence.  One way we continue to make progress supporting that mission is to improve our performance through comprehensive training opportunities for City employees.

I’m really proud of the way we, particularly our Human Resources staff, have worked to improve training availability over the past few years.  Now we can honestly say there is something for everyone at every level. The class catalogue is organized so that employees can easily see and sign up for these opportunities to improve their skills and themselves.

The range of training topics is spread across the board, from technical classes such as Excel, Outlook and LaserFiche, to supervisory and coaching skills, to classes for project management and risk management, to communication tools like feedback strategies in the workplace.  Additionally, the City offers Core Values training, including: The Mirror and The Map (Applied Wisdom), Tell Me the Secrets (…of Excellence), The Oz Principle (Accountability), Do It Anyway (Integrity), and Principled Relationships. Core Values are the foundation of the City’s mission.

Every year we look to employees for their ideas about the types of training they want and need.  That has helped us build extensive offerings that are helping to improve our productivity, customer service, integrity, accountability and more. 

Roy H. Otto
City Manager

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