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Summertime in Greeley – The Best Events in NoCo

2017 Friday FestNo doubt you’ve heard of the Greeley Stampede, Friday Fest concerts, Arts Picnic in Lincoln Park, the annual Blues Jam, and the annual Chautauqua series.  I’m guessing you’ve heard of them because they are some of the biggest and best events in Northern Colorado. And they show off Greeley’s ability to host these major events and the hundreds of thousands of visitors who attend them every year.

What are the best aspects surrounding these events?  I believe there are three at the top of the list of their many positive attributes. Here’s what I mean:  

  1.  these events bring smiles to the faces of thousands of people via awesome entertainment for all ages;
  2. they bring thousands of people to Greeley allowing us the opportunity to highlight our hospitality and continue our marketing efforts, and;
  3. they showcase the hundreds of local volunteers who make these events possible. 

Consider this. It takes hundreds of local folks to organize the Stampede, Arts Picnic and the other major events listed above, not to mention a whole host of smaller events that occur throughout the year, like softball tournaments, museum events and more. It takes a lot of time and a lot of work, not just at the actual events, but in preparation for them weeks and months in advance. When you think of the time involved, you realize that Greeley and Weld County have some of the most generous people in all of Colorado.  They don’t hesitate to give their time to any number of good causes. Some of these volunteers are also City employees.

I invite you to enjoy all of these events with your family and friends and when you encounter a volunteer or a City staff member, thank them for contributing to our success as a city and a place where people often say, “You should be here.” 

Roy H. Otto
City Manager

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