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Employees Score Big in the “Dream Box”

Each year City of Greeley employees are encouraged to participate in an internal survey to take a pulse on our organization’s cultural wellness. This year 80% (692 City employees) took the extra time to complete the survey. 

What we learned from the data is extremely encouraging.  The majority of employees, in fact 63 percent, placed themselves in the “dream box” indicating they feel fully engaged and fully satisfied with their job.  That is an exceptionally high score when you consider the published average tends to range from 32 to 35 percent.

The survey and follow-up meetings showed how we’re doing related to our employee and customer satisfaction and how we can improve, particularly in areas related to our core values: Engage-Inspire (excellence), Pride (excellence, integrity, and accountability), Continuous Improvement (excellence, stewardship), Satisfaction, Innovation (excellence, principled relationships).

The follow-up meetings with employee teams were impressive.  For example, an area where satisfaction decreased is in new employee recruitment.  In response, employees will be encouraged to participate in the recruitment process—regardless of whether it is for an opening in their department or elsewhere in the organization.

Roy H. Otto, City Manager

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