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PROpel Connects Career Growth to Mission, Vision and Values

PROpel-logo-2018PROpel is the City of Greeley’s effort to improve how we attract, retain and develop talented employees.  PROpel will help make a connection between what we already have (mission, core values, onboarding new employees, etc.) and how we employees think about daily work and our careers.  In other words, PROpel will help us answer the question, “How can ‘I' live our City’s core values — everyday in my work — as I look to develop my career with Greeley?"

Why PROpel is important to Greeley
As I look across our departments and 850+ employees I’m struck by how many skilled, knowledgeable and experienced people we have serving the community.  We have tremendous talent within the City, and collectively, we’ve helped Greeley grow over the last several years.  I’m very proud of who we are and what we’ve created!

However, we are far from finished.  This growth isn’t slowing anytime soon, and the City needs to be able to manage expansion of volume and of services, which requires attracting, developing and retaining talented employees.  Project PROpel will help us be more successful at this.

A different approach
PROpel builds on the work we’ve done in workforce planning and Human Resources but is different in important ways:  PROpel is employee-led, participatory and uses collaborative decision-making to develop solutions.  Employee teams will analyze data and make recommendations on how to better align our process and efforts with what we want Greeley to be. 

The first step in the process is to gather perspectives from across Greeley to better understand issues and needs. This will include focus groups and all employees have been invited to complete an anonymous survey.

PROpel will require a lot of effort.  It will challenge us to examine the “how and why” of many of our current practices. However, the benefits can be huge for each of us as individuals and all of us collectively as the City of Greeley.  I’m excited about the opportunity this creates for all of us to work together to make the City an even greater place to work and serve the Greeley community.

Roy H. Otto, City Manager

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