Rankings and Recognitions

We like to recognize all the things that make Greeley a thriving community: student athletic and academic achievements; positive partnerships between businesses and schools; national rankings; and local, state and national awards earned by our non-profit, civic, business and government workers.

These recognitions aren't a pat on the back from locals to locals; rather, they're awards and kudos given from outside the community to those in Greeley who deserve it.

At each City Council Meeting, we recognize the people, organizations, and businesses that make Greeley great.  Visit GTV8 to view videos of the presentations. 

  • What's Great: November 2017

    Lots of good news to report including: Greeley Remarkable workforce development fundraiser, local breweries win national awards, city employees and programs sited for excellence. 
  • What’s Great: October 2017

    We’ve been ranked for 4th in National Rates of Regular Exercise, Marketing Excellence, Top Police Dogs and much more. 
  • What's Great About Greeley: September 2017

    Greeley's Water and Wastewater have been awarded for high quality and Weld County has been awarded as taxpayer friendly. 
  • What's Great About Greeley: August 2017

    This post features the Greeley community's recent awards and special recognitions. This includes City national recognitions, an award for Aven's Village inclusive playground, achievements from UNC and Aims students, local businesses making a mark, and more. 

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