Renovation at City Center North

Due to renovations of the first floor at City Center North (City Hall Annex or United Plaza), 1100 10th Street, visitors to Building Inspection, Fire, Code or EDR should check in at the third floor reception area.

Visitors to the City Attorney's office may proceed directly to the 4th floor.

Building Permit Plan Submittal

File Format

Typically, all plan review documents submitted to the City of Greeley should be electronic and in PDF format. Small scale scanning of paper documents to electronic PDF format may be provided on a case-by-case basis.

Plan Review Fee

The plan review fee is 55% of the building permit fee, which is based on the valuation of the building permit. The valuation is determined by the building type, and occupancy, using the most recent Building Valuation Data Table. The permit fee can be calculated using the online Fee Calculator.

After the submittal is received in Building Inspection, it will be reviewed for completeness and will not progress until all the required information is received. When the submittal has been verified as complete, the plan review fee will then be calculated and emailed to the applicant. Plan review fees must be paid in full before the submittal will be considered to be accepted and placed in the plan review queue.

Review Process

Following the payment of the plan review fee, reviews will be placed in the plan review queue the next business day . Once the plan review has been started, additional information may be required. If additional information is required, the review will be considered inactive, and the time spent on review will be suspended. Typical plan review periods are 10 business days for remodels, re-writes and footing/foundation permits, and 20 business days for new construction.


Resubmittals for active plan reviews must be done electronically, in the same format as the original electronica submittal. After the initial and subsequent plan reviews, the comments and/or redlines will be emailed back to the applicants. Unless instructed otherwise, the resubmittals addressing and correcting the redlines/comments must contain the entire original submittal. If there are any questions on the comments/redlines, contact the plan reviewer assigned to the application

Uploading files to Greeley Building Inspection 

  1. Name your files with the project address and document title (e.g. 1000 10th St - spec sheet)
  2. Use the button above to go to the upload location
  3. If you have multiple documents, creating a zip file will allow you to upload them all at once
  4. Use the 'Select or drop files' button to open the upload dialog
    building inspection folder
    If you didn't zip your files together, you can repeat Step 4 multiple times to upload all of your documents.
  5. The documents will begin to upload immediately
  6. Once you see all of your files under the 'uploaded files' header you may close the window
    files uploaded


For assistance with uploading documents, please contact Building Inspection at 970-350-9830

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