Building Inspection documents

Below are all of the documents that we have available for download. Please contact us at 970-350-9830 or with questions.


Commercial Permit ApplicationPDF3.98 MB Download
Homeowner AffidavitPDF446.68 KB Download
Manufactured Housing Permit ApplicationPDF51.91 KB Download
Minor Easement EncroachmentPDF314.23 KB Download
Mobile Home Permit ApplicationPDF41.45 KB Download
Residential Multi-family Permit ApplicationPDF273.19 KB Download
Residential Permit ApplicationPDF338.38 KB Download
Short Form Building Permit ApplicationPDF574.82 KB Download
Site CertificationPDF46.09 KB Download

Building guides

2012 AdditionPDF259.04 KB Download
2012 Basement Finish Building GuidePDF130.49 KB Download
2012 DeckPDF224.65 KB Download
2012 Detached GaragePDF212.54 KB Download
2012 Enclosing Patio CoversPDF274.78 KB Download
2012 IRC Code Requirements Basement FinishPDF68.06 KB Download
2012 IRC Code Requirements Basement Finish - SpanishPDF69.38 KB Download
2012 Patio Cover-CarportPDF190.38 KB Download
2012 Pole BarnPDF2.25 MB Download
2014 Building Permit Fee SchedulePDF194.35 KB Download
Flatwork permitPDF105.45 KB Download
RoofingPDF250.13 KB Download
Stairway Manufacturers Association HandoutPDF6.81 MB Download
2009 IECC Residential ProvisionsPDF28.23 KB Download
2012 Building Code OrdinancePDF181.91 KB Download
2014 Electrical OrdinancePDF391.06 KB Download
2015 IRC/IBC Design CriteriaPDF1.53 MB Download
ORD 34, 2012PDF1.27 MB Download
State Demolition Permit and Asbestos InformationPDF627.70 KB Download

Construction safety warning signs

ChildrenPlayingSpanishPDF27.57 KB Download
ChildrenPlayingPDF27.45 KB Download

Construction Reports

May 2017PDF106.61 KB Download
April 2017PDF105.04 KB Download
March 2017PDF96.19 KB Download
February 2017PDF150.32 KB Download
January 2017PDF150.63 KB Download
December 2016PDF90.94 KB Download
November 2016PDF103.72 KB Download
October 2016PDF114.33 KB Download
September 2016PDF113.72 KB Download
August 2016PDF113.16 KB Download
July 2016PDF100.68 KB Download
June 2016PDF95.04 KB Download

Fee Schedules

2016 Building Permit, Plan Review & Sales Tax Fee SchedulePDF156.49 KB Download
2016 Impact Fee Economic Adjustment FactorPDF250.94 KB Download
2016 Water and Sewer Plant Investment FeesPDF1.83 MB Download
2017 Development Fee SchedulePDF289.45 KB Download
2017 Development Impact Fee Economic Adjustment FactorPDF2.52 MB Download
2017 Water and Sewer Plant Investment FeesPDF76.95 KB Download
Building Valuation TablePDF39.78 KB Download


Required Inspection ListPDF210.21 KB Download
Registered General Contractor ListPDF25.80 KB Download
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