Wireless Communication Facilities

The Greeley City Council adopted a Wireless Communications Facilities code on August 7, 2018. This law governs the installation and construction of facilities related to wireless telecommunications. It is located in Section 24-1101 of the Greeley Municipal Code.

The City of Greeley regulates the establishment or modification of all wireless communications facilities through its standard land use processes, with expedited processes where possible through the Community Development Department, Planning Division (970-350-9780). Please review the application checklists below for submittal requirements. Additional resources and contact information has been provided to assist you in assembling a complete application. Per federal, state and local law, a complete application must be submitted before City staff members are able to review and comment.

Land Use and Permit Applications

Contact the Planning Department to discuss all proposed WCF and modifications. 970-350-9780 or planning@greeleygov.com.

Applications can be submitted via eTRAKit, our Community Development Web Portal. 


All Requests

Base Station/Alternative Tower Structure

Eligible Facilities Request

 Small Cell Facility

Master License Agreement, please use template provided below

*Master License Agreement template only applies to facilities proposed within city right-of-way