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Parking violations are tied to license plates. It is the responsibility of vehicle owners to keep their vehicle's registration up to date.

Most citations are $35 with a few exceptions. A list of all parking fees can be found in the City's 2024 Fee Directory beginning on page 39. All citations increase by $15 if not paid within 15 days of the citation. Payments are due within 30 days of the citation date.

Parking Ambassadors may issue warnings instead of a citation as an educational opportunity for vehicles not meeting City Code parking requirements on public streets for the first time. The citation on your vehicle will plainly state whether the citation is a "warning" or a "citation" with a fee.

Other Violations

Violation Fine Amount
Failed to Move out of Zone, Stayed Overtime Posted, and Parked in a Permitted Area without a Permit: Progressive depending on Ticket Count: $0, $20, $40, $60
Handicap Space Violation: $125
Fire Hydrant and Fire Lane: $50
Fictitious Plates or Improper Registration: $100
No License Plate: $100
Towed Vehicle*: $100

*A vehicle may be towed by Parking Services due to being marked as an abandoned vehicle, receiving a notice of immobilization as noted below, or due to sign restriction on a public street/public parking lot.

Citation Payment Options


Pay your ticket online by visiting our parking portal

Pay your Ticket  

In Person

City of Greeley Municipal Court 1001 11th Avenue Greeley, CO 80631


Send your check or money order payment to: 

City of Greeley Municipal Court, 1001 11th Avenue Greeley, CO 80631.

Please do not mail cash. Payments must be postmarked by the citation due date. 

Appeal a Parking Citation

If you believe that you have received a citation in error you can appeal your ticket online using our parking portal or in person at the Municipal Court 1001 11th Ave, Greeley CO. Please note that court staff cannot negotiate parking tickets.

Appeal a Citation

The first appeal must be submitted within 15 days of the citation and will be reviewed by Parking Services staff. Our staff recommends including a photo of any applicable documents to back your appeal (for example, a copy of your handicapped placard and valid ID if you received a violation for parking in a handicapped space). This helps our staff expediently review warranted appeals.

A second appeal can be filed at this time to the City Parking Referee -- a Municipal Court Judge. If the parking referee approves the second appeal, the ticket will be dismissed. If the second appeal is denied, the applicant must pay the outstanding fines within 30 days of the appeal determination.

If you wish to appeal a parking ticket in person, please print and complete the parking appeal form and submit it to the Court Clerk's office.

How We Enforce

grpd-license-plate-recognition-05-resizeParking is enforced using license plate recognition software. The software is paired with license plate readers that are attached to the City's parking services vehicles.

If the same license plate is detected in an area for over two hours without payment or in a permit area without a permit, the system will issue a ticket. 

Parking Services/Ambassadors do not enforce timed parking for those vehicles displaying a valid handicap placard or handicap license plate.

Notices and Immobilization

If payment is not received within 30 days of a citation a letter is sent to the registered vehicle owner notifying them of the amount due. Immobilization may occur after 60 days of nonpayment regardless of whether the vehicle is parked legally at the time. A $100 immobilization fee will be applied to the outstanding permit fines.

If a vehicle has been added to the City scofflaw list, it will be immobilized if the vehicle license plate is scanned. An immobilization device is placed on the vehicle until the full amount owed is paid. If arrangements to remove the device are not made within 72 hours, the car may be impounded and the vehicle owner will be responsible for towing and storage fees in addition to the unpaid citation and immobilization fee.

The City of Greeley uses an immobilization device called the barnacle. Visit the barnacle website to learn more about how it works.

Tampering with an immobilization device is a misdemeanor offense.


City of Greeley Parking Services

Monday - Friday
7:30am - 4:00pm

More than one Google Analytics scripts are registered. Please verify your pages and templates.