Parking Permits

Parking Services has transitioned from a hang-tag permit system to digital permits which are read with license plate recognition software. We offer three different types of permits: individual permits, employer/property manager permits, and neighborhood permits.

Downtown Parking Permits 

Each individual or employer/property manager permit allows the user to register up to four license plates, however only one vehicle can be within a permitted area at a time. To purchase a permit visit our permit portal (Coming Soon). Permit holders can set-up automatic renewal and payment if they choose. 

Steps to purchasing a downtown parking permit:

  1. Create an account online or in person at GET Regional Transportation Center 101 11th Ave Greeley, CO 80631
  2. Select the type of permit you would like
  3. The system will check if there are permits available
  4. If there are permits available, register the license plates you would like to include on the permit (up to four license plates per permit)
  5. Permit is created
  6. If there are not permits available you will be placed on an automated waitlist and will be notified when a permit becomes available

Neighborhood Permits

License plate recognition will be coming to neighborhoods soon. Neighborhood permits ensure that residents have available parking on their street. If you live in a designated residential permit area you are eligible for a neighborhood permit. Neighborhood permits are managed by the property owner.

Steps for neighborhood permits:

  1. Create an account online (Coming Soon) or in person at GET Regional Transportation Center 101 11th Ave
  2. Select residential permit neighborhood
  3. Upload proof of ownership (i.e. deed, tax documents, etc.) and identifications (state issued ID)
  4. Staff reviews documentation
  5. If approved, permit is issued

Parking with Your Permit


Once you have a permit you can park anywhere within your designated permit area. For example if you purchased a permit for the the Area 3 permit area, you can park in any of the three parking lots within Area 3.


City of Greeley Parking Services

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