Natural Areas and Trails

Learn more about the city’s processes for maintaining public spaces. Let’s work together to keep Greeley clean, safe and beautiful.

Greeley has 2,000 acres of natural areas and over 35 miles of trails waiting for you to explore. 

Greeley’s natural areas are places visitors can connect to nature up close and personally. Spend the day on a bike touring the Poudre River Trail. Watch birds and deer along the river. Stroll through a quiet cottonwood forest with your best two or four-legged friends. 

Enjoy Greeley’s natural areas and trails today—they are always in season. 

Natural Areas and Trails Vision and Mission

A community connected to nature.

Collaboratively conserve, restore and steward significant ecological, agricultural and community-shaping lands. Equitably connect the community to nature through trails and inclusive nature-based experiences. 

Benefits of Natural Areas

Incorporating natural areas into our city offers many benefits that significantly enhance the quality of life for our residents. Benefits include:

  • Providing a place for people to exercise and unwind 

  • Providing important habitat for local wildlife 

  • Improving water quality and increasing resilience to floods 

  • Separating or buffering communities to allow them to keep their individual identities 

  • Preserving long-distance views 

Difference Between a Natural Area and Parks

Natural areas and parks are both important quality-of-life amenities that serve different functions. Here’s how to tell if you’re looking at a park or a natural area: 


  • Are irrigated 

  • Have playground structures 

  • Are mowed frequently to allow for sports and other activities 

  • Are primarily designed for people to recreate and play 

Natural areas 

  • Are not irrigated 

  • Are generally not mowed, except for trail sides and other special cases (see Vegetation Maintenance Standards)

  • Balance human recreation with providing habitat for wildlife 


Trail Safety 

  • No motorized vehicles are allowed on trails, except maintenance and emergency vehicles. 

  • Class 1 and 2 electric bikes and mobility devices are permitted on trails.  

  • Keep bikes under control and at a safe speed. 

  • Keep right on the trail, except to pass other trail users. 

  • Give an audible signal when passing. 

  • Dogs must be leashed at all times and waste picked up.

  • Be respectful of residential neighborhoods and fellow trail users. 

  • Place trash and pet waste in designated bins.  

  • Do not harass wildlife.

View the full list of rules and regulations when visiting natural areas and trails in Greeley. 


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