Natural Areas and Trails


Greeley has 2,000 acres of natural areas and over 30 miles of trails waiting for you to explore.

Greeley’s natural areas are places where visitors can connect to nature in an up close and personal way. Spend the day on a bike touring the Poudre trail. Watch birds and deer along the river. Stroll through a quiet cottonwood forest with your best two or four-legged friends.

The city’s natural areas are not just a great place for residents to exercise and unwind. Natural areas provide important habitat for local wildlife, assist in improving water quality, and increased resilience to floods. These “ecosystem services” make natural areas a community asset we can all value.

Enjoy Greeley’s natural areas and trails today—they are always in season.

Latest Updates

Missile Site Park, the Natural Area and Trails are all Closed for the Winter

The temporary trails at the new natural area are actually old service roads and get extremely muddy in wet conditions. The trails will be impassable by foot or bike until the ground dries out next spring. Closing the natural area for the winter also allows wildlife a much-needed respite during the difficult cold months. Animals like deer, turkeys and coyotes are awake, active and expending energy all winter long. Giving them space to rest allows them to use their energy reserves to stay warm and find food and shelter. We appreciate your help taking care of our wild neighbors!

Exciting work is planned for this property in 2024! Stay tuned and look for more information when we re-open in the spring (date TBD).

Use COTREX to check trail status and choose your next visit.

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