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Poudre River Trail Repairs

The Poudre River has experienced several floods in recent years. As a result, the riverbank along the Poudre River is eroding in several sections. This erosion has or will affect the Poudre River Trail. A study of the trail corridor, completed in 2019, considered options for repairing, replacing, or re-routing the trail. Several priority projects were identified and will be undertaken as funding is available.

Duran Section of the Poudre River Trail

East of the 71st Ave. bridge, the riverbank has eroded along the trail and the area is prone to flooding. Design and permitting for this section are underway. Planned work includes re-routing a trail section to move it further from the riverbank. Bank stabilization and restoration will make the river more resilient during future floods. Construction work is not currently scheduled.

Narrows Section of the Poudre River Trail

The Narrows section of the Poudre River Trail runs east of 83rd Ave. and next to the Signature Bluffs Natural Area. The trail travels through blonde sandstone bluffs on one side and the Poudre River on the other. While this section is one of the most beautiful sections of the trail, it is also one of the most threatened. Hazard tree removal, rock scaling and fence repairs were completed in 2022, increasing safety for trail users. Several options are being investigated to address trail stability issues in this section. Options include re-routing the trail or reconstructing this section in its current alignment. No construction is planned on this section at this time.

Sheep Draw Trail – 83rd Ave. Section

A date is not set for constructing the section of the Sheep Draw Trail under the 83rd Ave. bridge. This project has been in the planning and permitting stages for several years and staff turnover is delaying it further. Updates will be posted here when the project moves forward.

When completed, this project will complete the final missing link for the Sheep Draw Trail. It will connect existing trail sections at the Boomerang Ranch and Mountain Shadows neighborhoods.

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