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Board & Commission Members Deserve Our Thanks

Boards & CommissionsIn February, City staff hosted a reception for veteran and new members of our city’s boards and commissions. This was an opportunity to say “thank you” for their volunteer time, energy, expertise and input which assists City staff and the City Council on a number of levels.

You really have to give it to these folks—it’s not enough that they pay taxes to the City—they then volunteer some of their free time studying City budgets, learning about city government operations, and pondering local issues so they can give thoughtful advice to their elected leaders via City staff.  That really shows a deliberate and healthy commitment to the city where they live.

In fact, and perhaps without even knowing it, the City’s twenty-four volunteer boards are practicing some of our core values.  Three that come to mind are Applied Wisdom, Principled Relationships, and Stewardship.  When it comes to Applied Wisdom, these residents really bring it, often because their life and professional experiences equip and qualify them to be on a particular board.  They share their wisdom with other board members and City staff.  They are also great practitioners of Principled Relationships because they really do care about their neighbors.  And then together they subscribe to the Stewardship value by working to leave their city better than they found it.

Surveys collected at the reception included some great comments, such as “. . . nothing but very positive experiences since becoming involved” and “Great experience with tremendous support.”  You have to appreciate the humor in this one, “Double our pay” – well said, given that they are volunteers!

My thanks go to all our board and commission members, along with the City staff who work with and help celebrate our volunteers.

Roy H. Otto, City Manager

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