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Donations and memorial trees

The Forestry Program offers a program in which select unwanted trees can be donated to the Parks system. This is done at no cost to the donor. Additionally, we can help you commemorate a loved one by planting a tree in a park of your choice.

Memorial Trees

The Memorial Tree Program allows individuals, families or businesses may commemorate people or events with special tree plantings. See our brochure for details and pricing.

  • Commemorative plantings are recognized with a certificate recording the pertinent information (who, what, where, when) and includes a map of the park on the reverse side with the location of the planting indicated and a photograph of the plant in its new location.
  • A picture and pertinent information are added to the "Living Monument" record book, and a small brass plate is engraved and attached to a large wood plaque located in the downtown Recreation Center.
  • Participants can choose the type of tree and the park where they wish to have the tree(s) planted. Guidance will be provided in selection and locations in order to avoid underground utilities, irrigation problems, and drainage or soil issues.
  • We plants the tree(s) in the chosen park at an agreed upon date and time. Participation in the actual planting is welcomed and encouraged.
  • Commemorative trees are special park trees and will receive yearly inspections and extra, individual attention in care and maintenance.
  • Replacement is guaranteed if the tree dies.


  • Plants offered as a donation to the City are inspected for suitability (variety, condition, location, size) before being accepted. Types generally accepted include most deciduous trees, conifers, some shrubs (not junipers), perennials, and bulbs.
  • Upon initial acceptance, an underground utility check will be performed prior to any digging. This includes power, gas, phone, water, or any others as deemed necessary. If no utilities cause interference with the necessary work, final acceptance will be given.
  • Transplanting is done during the appropriate seasons and as workload allows. Plants may be hand dug, transplanted with the City's "44" Vermeer tree spade, or moved with a larger machine contracted from a private firm. Plants are generally moved to the closest suitable site or where the donor requests if appropriate.
  • A certificate is sent to the donor. The face of the certificate will state the name of the donor, variety and size of the plant(s), and location to which it was moved. The approximate wholesale value of each plant is listed on the back of the certificate along with a photograph of the plant in its new location. The certificate is signed by the Mayor, City Manager, Public Works Director, and the Forestry Manager. Information about the donation is entered onto log sheets and into the appropriate computer file.
  • The donation program is under the administration of a Forestry Technician who makes the final determination on acceptability of any plant material.

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