Water Conservation

Our Water Conservation program is one of the largest and most successful in Colorado. Between 1990 and 2007, universal metering and other conservation programs dropped water demand by more than 20 percent in Greeley. The Conservation Plan estimates an additional eight percent reduction in water use over the next 20 years. ​

News and events

Let us help you save!

Water conservation rebates

Since 2006, Greeley has offered water conservation rebates to residential and commercial water customers to promote the purchase and proper installation of water saving products. Rebates make it easier for you to try new technologies and conserve water.

We have rebates for toilets, waters, irrigation, and commercial operations. Learn more on our water conservation rebate page.

Indoor and irrigation audits

We can help you find leaks and ways to save inside and we can help make your sprinkler system more efficient. Find out how on our audit page.

Have a business or organization?

We can help you with our commercial water conservation program.

Interested in xeriscaping?

We want you to have a beautiful, sustainable, water efficient landscape. In order to help, we have a wealth of resources on our xeriscaping page.

Not sure? Visit one of our xeric gardens and see just how beautiful water wise landscapes can be.

Wondering if you use water wisely?

Learn more about the water budget information on your bill. 

Ready to learn more?

We have an active education program that includes school programs, an annual Water Festival, community presentations, and workshops. Find out what is happening on our conservation education page.