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Water Efficiency Assessments

Free water assessments are available to Greeley residences, businesses, and organizations in the community. Indoor assessments are available year-round, and irrigation assessments are scheduled mid-April through mid-October. The irrigation schedule fills up quickly, so sign up today.

If this is an emergency and you have a high bill or need help finding a leak, contact and we will schedule some time as soon as possible to help discover the issue. 

Residential Indoor Water Assessment

All homes could benefit from an assessment — but homes that are more than 20 years old will see the most savings. Landlords and property managers are also encouraged to schedule assessments at all of their properties. Indoor water assessments are available year-round.

A water assessor will:

  • seek out leaks and other unintended uses of water
  • look for high-water-use appliances
  • provide new showerheads and faucet aerators
  • suggest repairs, rebates or upgrades

Schedule a Residential Indoor Assessment Today!

Residential Irrigation Assessment

An irrigation assessment is a series of tests on your automatic sprinkling system to check the performance and determine how uniformly the system applies water to the lawn. This very popular program runs mid-April through mid-October.

Each appointment includes:

  • a visual inspection of each zone to identify problems
  • tests that measure how much water is being applied
  • a water pressure check and adjustment recommendation
  • a custom watering schedule derived from the tests performed
  • information about your lawn's seasonal needs for water

By following our recommendations, you’ll conserve water — and you should see not only a lower water bill but also a healthier lawn. According to a recent survey, residential customers are 13% more efficient after an irrigation assessment.

Request a Residential Irrigation Assessment Today!


Commercial, Institutional, Business, HOA, or Place of Worship Assessments

These assessments finds areas of water waste and develops targets for improvement. Once problem areas are located, Greeley's Conservation Program staff will help businesses implement efficiency improvements by offering technical support and rebates. According to a recent survey, commercial customers are 16% more efficient after an irrigation assessment. Visit the commercial water conservation page for more information about past successful projects.

Request a Commercial, Institutional, Business, HOA, or Place of Worship Assessment Below:

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