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We serve the City of Greeley by treating and distributing nearly 9 billion gallons of water every year with more than 500 miles of pipeline, two drinking water plants, a wastewater treatment plant, three treated water reservoirs, six raw water reservoirs, and a variety of pumping stations.


Graphic of water quality stats by the numbers

The September, 2022 Water & Sewer Newsletter shows what it takes to get water from the source to your taps. Also, learn about the city's draft Water Efficiency Plan, seasonal adjustments to your irrigation system, how to protect our pipes, and more. You can see the whole thing here.

2022 Utility Rate Increases Explained

This year, the City of Greeley is investing in several important Water and Sewer Rate Increase Information public health and safety projects that will bring residents a slightly larger utility bill. The projects include funding for a new surface water storage reservoir, state-mandated upgrades to the city's sewer system, and improvements to eliminate area flooding from large rain events, plus many more projects.

The increases break down as monthly base rate increases to resident utility bills:

-Water -- $4.16 a month increase
Resumen sobre el Aumento a la Tarifa de Servicios Publicos del 2022-Wastewater -- $4.22 a month increase
-Stormwater -- $1.54 a month increase

Since all utility rates are based on lot size, household use,and volume, we've calculated what residents can expect in their 2022 bills based on low, medium and high water use in the chart below:

Learn More about 2020 Rate Increases

Rate increase impact chart

Frequently Asked Questions

2022 Utility Rate Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the city increasing water, sewer and stormwater rates for 2022?
What do the water rate increases pay for?
How does the city determine its water rates?
Are these increases because of the city’s acquisition of Terry Ranch?
How much of the rate increase pays for Terry Ranch?
What if I cannot afford to pay the rate increases?

Greeley Water and Sewer Board

We are continuously engaged in vigorous and independent oversight of the department's strategic direction, budget, and operations. Find more information, including agendas and minutes, on the Greeley Water and Sewer Board page.

Work for Greeley Water & Sewer

Are you looking for a job in the water and wastewater industry? 

The City of Greeley Water & Sewer Department has a wide variety of career opportunities.  Apply to join us to get a job that makes a difference.  

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