Water Efficiency Audits

Free water audits are available to Greeley residences and businesses in the community. Please sign up below or call 970-336-4228 to schedule an appointment.

Indoor Audits

This service was created to help residents save water, lower bills and improve household efficiency. All homes could benefit from an audit, but homes that are more than 20 years old will see the most savings. Landlords and property managers are also encouraged to schedule audits in all of their properties. Commercial, industrial, or institutional properties may also get audited. Indoor audits are available year round. A water auditor will:

  • seek out leaks and other unintended uses of water
  • look for high water use appliances
  • replace old showerheads and aerators
  • suggest repairs or upgrades
  • provide information on Greeley's rebate program

Irrigation audit

An irrigation audit is a series of tests on your automatic sprinkling system to check the performance and determine how uniformly the system applies water to the lawn. The program runs from April through October. Each audit includes:

  • a visual inspection of each zone to identify problems
  • tests that measure how and how much water is being applied
  • a water pressure check and adjustment recommendation
  • a custom watering schedule derived from the tests performed
  • information about your lawn's seasonal needs for water

By following our audit recommendations, you will conserve water and you should see a lower water bill along with a healthier lawn. In a survey we found residential customers to be 13 percent more efficient and commercial customers 16 percent more efficient after an irrigation audit.

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