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Mobility and Planning

How will people get around 10, 20, or 30 years from now? It is important for the City to anticipate and adapt to innovations such as connected and autonomous vehicles, transit, rideshare like Uber and Lyft, e-bikes, changes in travel mode, and other advancements when planning future infrastructure. Mobility planning addresses the need to reduce emissions through improved system efficiencies and encouraging a variety of different modes of travel.

Traffic Counts

The Traffic Count program provides accurate and up-to-date average daily traffic volumes on City streets. This information is used by the transportation services division to monitor traffic trends as well as potential business owners, developers, planners, and engineers.

Transportation Planning

The updated City of Greeley Transportation Master plan has been completed and approved by City Council in 2023. Please access the final plan here.

Multimodal Transportation

Pedestrian Safety

It is important for motorists and bicyclists to understand the rules of the road and yield to pedestrians whenever possible. We promote pedestrian travel through sidewalk improvements, pedestrian crosswalks, traffic calming measures, and traffic signal timings that accommodate pedestrian movement.


Biking in Greeley is a great way to get around, exercise, and have fun. The City has worked to install miles of additional bike lanes in order to encourage this mode of travel. We continue to promote a connected bike network that is accessible to users of all ages and abilities through community education, safety and infrastructure improvements. For more information about biking in Greeley, visit our Greeley Bikes website. 

Watch a video of a moonlight ride with the Greeley Police Department here.  

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Greeley's Bicycle Master Plan

In 2015 Greeley City Council approved the Greeley Bicycle Master Plan – The Road to Gold!  The vision of the plan states that Greeley will be a gold level bike friendly community where bicycling is a safe and accessible for of transportation and recreation. This plan is a guiding document that will strengthen transportation choices in the years to come. The plan includes new design guidelines as well as a complete streets policy that will ensure the future streets of Greeley are for moving people efficiently regardless of the mode of travel they choose.


Transit is an important component to the transportation system and allows citizens to travel in the City without the use of a car. Greeley Evan Transit (GET) strives for safety and reliability for all transit users and offers a variety of services including: Paratransit, seven city bus routes, the Express Arrow regional route, and Call-N-Ride. GET also offers free bus fare to students who have a Student ID. For more information visit the GET home page.

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Performance Measures

We work to provide vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian performance measures for the City of Greeley. Performance measures help us track changes and evaluate how well the transportation network is functioning. 


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Bicycle Friendly Community
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