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Stormwater Resources and Education

Developer Resources

Drainage Basin Master Plans

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Rain Barrels

The Colorado State University Stormwater Center has information on regulations and how to collect rainwater.

Strategies to Improve Water Quality

The brochures below contain information on ways in which households, businesses, and construction companies can help protect water resources and improve water quality.


Caring For Our Watersheds™ is an educational program that weaves together the combined strengths of industry, environmental organizations and communities to engage high school students in preserving and improving their local watersheds. The City of Greeley supports the Colorado Contest, open to students who live in the Colorado borders within the Cache la Poudre River Watershed and Big Thompson Watershed. We provide information and resources to help students with their projects.  

Please take a moment and take a look at one of the projects that is helping to keep our natural areas clean!

Flood Safety

 Stay Safe in a Flood


  • Load a weather app on your phone or sign up for weather alerts through Weld County at:
  • Keep important documents in a water proof container o Move valued items to higher levels and/or store in a plastic bin
  • Consider installing a sump pump with a battery


  • Listen to local weather reports
  • Turn around, don’t drown-remember that 6 inches of water can knock over a person and 1 foot of water can move a car


  • Avoid wading through flood waters-you don’t know what may be underneath
  • Keep an eye on children, especially around ponds that may not usually have water

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