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Cross-connection Control Program

The City of Greeley takes great care in treating and protecting your water supply. Controlling cross connections with backflow prevention is an important risk management strategy. The city has dedicated water utility staff who work with commercial, industrial, multi-family, and large irrigation customers to ensure these users are consistently maintaining and testing their backflow prevention devices.

The following FAQs may be helpful in your understanding of the city’s backflow prevention and cross connection control program and the current public notice for backflow violations. We believe our customers deserve to know what happened and what we are doing to correct this situation.


A cross-connection is any connection to the drinking water system that could introduce pesticides, fertilizers, used water, fluids, gases, or anything else into the water distribution system. Typically, water flows out of the distribution system under pressure. When a cross-connection exists, a drop in water pressure can cause a reversal of flow, allowing harmful substances to enter the public water system. Greeley’s cross-connection control program focuses primarily on containment and prevention.

For more information, please contact or at (970) 336-4012.

Backflow Testers must be certified, see the list of local testers below.

Multi-Family Survey Form

Please use the link below to access the survey to identify multi-family cross connections. You will need the account number contained in the letter you should have received via mail.

Multi-Family Cross Connection Identification Survey

Sources of Cross-connection Contamination

  • Irrigation systems
  • Fertilizer injection systems
  • Hoses connected to chemical spray bottles
  • Chemicals in water beds, hot tubs, swimming pools, water features, aquariums, fountains, in-home water treatment systems, solar heating systems, and swamp coolers
  • Commercial and industrial cooling systems, boilers, solvents and chemicals used in manufacturing processes, liquid storage tanks, waste disposal systems, fire sprinkler systems

How You Can Help

  • Install backflow prevention assemblies to prevent potential cross-connections, and have a certified backflow tester inspect and test your assemblies once a year to ensure proper function.
  • If you suspect you may have a cross-connection, contact a qualified plumber familiar with cross-connections, hydraulics, and pollution factors.
  • Be observant. Check for potential sources of cross-connections around your home, business, or industrial site.
  • Never leave hoses in buckets, pools, or sinks.

Backflow Prevention

A backflow prevention assembly is necessary for all irrigation systems. A copy of a certified backflow tester's report is required to obtain final approval for a sprinkler system permit.

All commercial and industrial customers must install backflow prevention assemblies on their water service lines, fire sprinkler systems, and irrigation systems. In the past few years, commercial and industrial sites in Greeley were surveyed to identify potential cross-connections. Each site's water service system was inspected for potential hazards.

Residential customers should have backflow prevention assemblies on fire sprinkler systems and irrigation systems.

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